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About The Firm


FABREGUES was formed in 1970 and since then it has become a reputable law firm through the multidisciplinary services it offers its clients.

FABREGUES counts with professionals offering business advice in the standard areas of law practice as well as in areas of productivity that are performing in specific  and legal contexts.

The main reason has always been unmatched commitment to its clients. Thanks to the compact size of its structure, companies entrusting their affairs to us can be sure of the total dedication.

All this has undoubtedly contributed to the firm consolidating its position over the course of these years, with a core of recurring clients with whom we have been working for more than tour decades.


Information and quick turnaround

We are aware of the importance of updating our clients throughout the various processes and are fully dedicated to the matters we work on, striving to resolve them with the maximum diligence possible. Ongoing communication with our clients is fundamental: we inform them of the strategies we apply when handling their cases and continuoslyupdate them on the management of those cases.


We aim to provide solutions to our clients’ business needs. Therefore, our lawyers provide legal advice with the firm belief that meeting our clients’ needs is the best way to measure our efficiency and assess our work.

Trust and customized service

As our relationships with clients are based on trust and mutual understanding, we can offer them more efficient advice and a fully customized service.

Code Of Professional Conduct

FABREGUES, as a Firm, has a clearly-defined and well-established identity, which not only pervades the Firm and the internal relationships between its members, but also its dealings with clients and with society at large.

These values are inseparably entwined and all of the Firm’s professionals have the duty to preserve them and convey them in their daily work.

The commitment to client service. The Firm’s practice is geared towards delivering professional services of the highest standard to clients. This not only means a demand for technical rigor, but also necessarily:

(a) ongoing dedication to the client;

(b) ascertaining and understanding as fully and as comprehensively as possible the objectives and needs of the client, offering the client the most suitable solutions at all times;

(c) a commitment-without compromising on due independence-to the client’s interests and to defending them.

The commitment to quality. Consistent with the commitment to client service, FABREGUES professional services must meet the highest standards of quality, so that clients always receive the most suitable and effective solution in the matter entrusted. This demand for quality means that all of the Firm’s professionals must pay the utmost attention to ongoing training in their respective specialties, from both a strictly personal perspective, and the standpoint of adequate supervision of less experienced colleagues working with them on a regular basis or on a specific engagement.

The commitment to the Firm and its professionals. this value signifies and requires that professionals:

(a) be capable of performing and coordinating team work in a harmonious and proportionate way;

(b) offer the client an integral, yet highly specialized service, duly calling on professionals who have the appropriate grounding and experience in the type of engagement requested by the client at all times;

(c) act faithfully, objectively and in a considered manner in analyzing and resolving any conflicts of interest that may arise, as well as in accepting or refusing new engagements, all of which must be done from the overall perspective of the Firm, in strict compliance with ethical standards, and in the client’s best interests.

The commitment to ethical conduct. FABREGUES provides professional services in the field of business law-in its broadest sense and in all of its highly diverse forms-and, just as integrity is demanded in the business world, FABREGUES is firmly committed to ethical conduct in the provision of its legal advisory services.

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